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Small calibre ammunition

Rifle cartridges 5.56x45mm 7.62x39mm 7.62x51mm 7.62x54R mm


Medium calibre ammunition

Rifle cartridges 12.7x99mm 23x151mm 30x173mm 35x228 mm


Pistol and revolver ammunition

Pistol cartridges 9x18mm MAKAROW 9x19mm PARABELLUM


Grenade ammunition

Grenade cartridges 40x46mm 40x53 mm


Using our offer you can be sure that the product offered by us come from the leading manufacturers of the production branch and meet all, even the most strict standards.


We have all the necessary certificates and permits. Knowledge of our experts will help you in the selection of best solutions.


All customers interested in our offer are invited to contact us by phone or send the information through the contact form.
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